How To Use Your Menstrual Cup


Step 1 – It is important to disinfect or sterilise your menstrual cup before and after use. Soak your cup for 3 minutes in boiling water prior to first use. After this you can use a silicon friendly cleaner or antibacterial soap before and after use. Clean your hands thoroughly before insertion of the menstrual cup, you can use a water based lubricant to aid in easy insertion of the cup. Fold the cup two times lengthwise and insert it. Upon proper insertion your cup will unfold fully.

Step 2 – After you have washed your hands, folded the sterilised menstrual cup in the desired fold, hold the bottom of the menstrual cup and push into the vagina gently until it reaches the cervix. Secondly rotate the cup to ensure that it is fully open and a seal has been created to the vaginal wall. Lastly adjust the handle at the bottom, so it sits comfortably and can be easily reached for retrieval.

Step 3 – You can try and rotate the cup slightly for maximum comfort and to ensure proper placement. With correct insertion the cup will sit comfortably within the vagina walls. These muscles will help to keep the cup stationary. Once correctly inserted the cup should not be easily detected and once inserted correctly will prevent any leakage from occurring.

Step 4 – Hold the bottom of the cup with you fingers and press the menstrual cup body slightly, while sitting or hovering over the toilet, then gently pull the menstrual cup down and out of the vagina. Empty the contents of the cup into the toilet. Thoroughly clean your cup as per cleaning instructions and Re-insert the cup if required.

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