Menstrual Cloth Pads

Care Instructions

The Cloth Menstrual Pads are made with Reusable Washable bamboo /charcoal, 2 layers micro fibre and a PUL outer layer to help prevent leaks. The pads are very absorbent, the top layer is very soft to the touch, and it has bamboo and charcoal lining for its antibacterial and absorbing qualities. Our pads are easy to fit around the under wear.

  • The Cloth Menstrual pads must be washed before use.
  • After you have used the  Cloth pads Pre rinse in cold water to remove as much blood as possible, before you put them into the washing machine.
  • Wash at 30c to 40c, on a gentle cycle, with non bio washing powder, line dry. Do not use hot water to wash the pads as this will set stains.
  • Cloth Sanitary pads are cost effective, more comfortable and they are so much more absorbent. The moisture is drawn into the pad leaving you feeling fresh for a long time.
  • Bamboo also has a natural antibacterial quality and because it allows your skin to breath, can potentially reduce the risk of yeast infections and discomfort.
  • Cloth pads will cost you the fraction of what you would be spending on disposables and they are better for the environment.
  • If you are away from home it is advisable to use a wet bag to store your used menstrual cloth pads. Do not rinse the cloth pads, simple fold them, place them in the wet bag and soak them when you get home.

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